Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Times (UK) & New Zealand Herald coverage

The New Zealand Herald covered The Hunt For Gollum today in their article March of the fifth Gollum
They appear to be the first to ask Peter Jackson's camp if he's seen THFG, with the following answer, I quote "a spokesman for Jackson said they have chosen not to comment about the film". Of course Jackson himself is likely far too busy to watch a film like this, so I'm certainly not expecting any feedback from him. That would only generate more publicity, and we've had more than our fair share of press already. Even so I can't help but wonder what his reaction would be. I hope he would understand where we're coming from, and that this was simply a labour of love, and a chance to learn about film-making.

Also, The Times did a nice article last week: Gollum spearheads the Hollywood fan-film revolution pointing out that the film has had 3.5 million views - figures beating most big budget feature film releases.

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