Monday, 5 October 2009

Visiting FNC in Montreal

Hey folks, it's been a while since I updated - I've been making the most of my newly found free time. :) Anyway I'm just about to head off to Canada with Soph for the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal, Canada for a screening of THFG, at something called the FNC Lab - Participative Film-making! Something a little different. Here's the blurb on the event:

Since the arrival of platforms for sharing content online, the cyberspace slogan has been: We need you! Video, text, sound, image… Anyone can produce their own content and then broadcast and promote it in just a few clicks. Home movies are everywhere, all claiming to be a hit. Needs are expanding and things are becoming more ambitious. Whether looking for additional funding or a volunteer editor, it’s becoming easier and easier to use the Net to make films collaboratively. Is this the next film revolution'

With :
Chris Bouchard (UK) | director |
Barbara Tonelli (FR) | co-founder |
Thierry Vogler (CA) | producer/writer/director |

This panel will be followed by the screening of the film The Hunt for Gollum, directed as a participatory film by Chris Bouchard in tribute to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Saturday 10th October, 5pm, Agora Hydro-québec (La Tanière) Montreal is the time and date, should any of your want to come, please do come and say hi.

This should be quite an interesting one, especially to get insights from other participative films - I suppose that's what this was - our buzz word was more 'collaborative'. But hey - same difference.

Meanwhile, totting up the views it seems THFG's now had around 3.5 million views. So glad it's still finding a fresh audience. And so, I've been slowly but surely prepping the next project, exploring various options - Residue, being only one of several possibilities for the next IOC feature. Whatever it is, it's likely to be ridiculously ambitious - I can gaurantee that.

Secondly I must big up some more upcoming free screenings - at the Chapter Cinema Cardiff - 24th, Oct 2009. Also it's showing down at the massive ICON film festival in Isreal on 6th & 8th October.

au revoir!


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