Friday, 28 May 2010

props & masks on ebay

We're getting rid of a few spare props and costumes, bits and bobs on ebay at the moment. They really do take up a LOT of space, so if you fancy owning a real piece of THFG, head on over to the actors at work shop...

This week, the actual Gollum mask worn by Chris Dingli & Matt Cunningham throughout the film is up for grabs here!
Other props & costumes from Hunt for Gollum & Born of Hope are going live there soon.
10% of proceeds will go to Cancer Research UK.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

6 million views & Cannes

This week I headed over to the Cannes film festival for a couple of meetings and some sun. Being able to say our microbudget film has been seen by 6 million people certainly raises a few eyebrows in this sell-sell-sell world of feature film marketing. I met up with Tous Co Prod again, a crowdfunding company who are interested in our upcoming feature films. Partnering with them will allow anyone to effectively become 'a producer' in our next film with micro-investments as low as 10 euros. It also allows anybody who invests to follow our production from the inside, as well as receiving a share of profits. A cool new concept.

Also for any german fans, Hunt for Gollum will be screened at Tolkien Day Geldern on the Lower Rhine in Germany on 29th & 30th May.