Monday, 2 February 2009

Release Date is here!

hey folks, well Gollum and I would like to announce that on 3rd May 2009 you will be able to watch The Hunt For Gollum online in HD!

SUNDAY 3rd MAY 2009!!!

We'll be streaming the film (which now runs at well over 40 minutes) in HD and have some very exciting news to come about the festival it's launching at. Also the work the team are doing on visual effects, sound, music and editing is very spectacular indeed and i take my hat off to my team who are pulling out all the stops to meet our deadlines for this release date. Well over 100 volunteers are now working on the film and it's a pretty unusual thing, which I am very lucky to be directing.

I write this from the madness of post-production, which i'd probably best get back to without further ado. :)

Meanwhile here's a fellow who we might be seeing a little more of in this adventure...