Monday, 2 November 2009

Screenings in Switzerland & Brazil

Catch The Hunt For Gollum on the big screen in Geneva at Le Festival Cinema Tous Ecrans, on 3rd & 5th November. Director Chris Bouchard will attend for a Q&A on Thursday the 5th. Link:

THFG is also showing in Brazil at the CineFantasy Festival, Sao Paulo between 6th & 16th November. Screenings are always free - being a non-profit film.

PS... don't forget that Born of Hope is coming next month - for those who need their next fix of Lord of the Rings.
Here's a brand new Born of Hope podcast - a new peek at what's coming and some hilarious behind the scenes action:


maxmurder said...

Hello, i've just finished watching your movie.And i juste want to say, congratulations for this job...You could be proud of it and proud of your team helped you for this challenge...I'm wrote from south France and i have the dvd's of the trilogy...My favourite of is may be the second "the two towers"...And with your film sometimes i recognize the power and the atmosphere...if i have some review to say, sometimes its to slow, but very smart ideas with gollum's bag!!!...And the stunt of the battle between Aragorn and Orcs is amazing, Aragorn lack sword skills but he made his best to be credible!!Good job with make up effects and dress...Good job really, and long life for your film...

Nabil said...

Hi! like very much the movie, i´m a profesional actor, i´m from spain and i hope work with people like you, if you need somebody for the next movie. i´m here :)

maniaq_boy said...

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