Monday, 23 July 2007

Welcome to the blog

I've just created this blog for my new film project, which for now I will be calling THE HUNT FOR GOLLUM. So, what's this film about? It's a short (not going to bite off too much this time). It's a Lord of the Rings fan film. Yep, that means it's set in middle earth with similar character, but tells a new part of the saga (and luckily there's plenty Peter Jackson left out for us to tell).

And as for story, I'm not going to say too much just now but it takes place in between The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring, and follows one of the Rangers of the North...

Fear not guys my main project Human Residue is still pushing ahead, but as it's now deep in post production, this gives me a chance to get back out on set and shoot something else while the warmth of summer is still with us. Secondly, it's always good to take a break from a project and Residue has been so overwhelming for the past 2 years that I really need something new to get excited about Then I can come back to editing Residue with fresh eyes.

Meanwhile check out the website for fellow LOTR fan film Born of Hope who are kindly collaborating with me on this project. It's really exciting to be working with Kate and some of her team.

Enjoy the blog, I aim to keep it up to date with all the info of the film production over the coming months.

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Natalykot said...

Hi, Chris! I absolutely admire what you're doing. It's really awesome and very challenging :-)
Looking forward to see the Film at 16:00!