Wednesday, 25 July 2007

4 weeks to go...

..until the shoot! It's going to be great, but actually pretty daunting. I've been working on preproduction and script for the past 4 months but in the final run up there's loads to do: costume finalising, Ranger casting, storyboarding, wig fitting, props, more locations... Fear not though, it's all in hand. :)

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Sarah said...

Hi there,

I saw your advertisement for The Hunt for Gollum on StarNow and would love to audition for you. I have a profile at StarNow that can be found at

I am a massive fan of LOTR’s and have watched and rewatched the films and re-read the books constantly.

I have sent you my profile for consideration and although I have short hair currently, I have beautiful extensions that I can clip in and are very realistic. If you wish to see another picture of me with these in, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I would sincerely love to be a part of this project and hope that you will consider me for auditioning.

Thank you so much,

Sarah Andrews