Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Making Orcs 1

I spent last Saturday with Luke McNally (special effects designer) making casts for the Orc masks. We took casts of the faces of our Orc actors so that Luke can custom design the prosthetic masks to fit their faces exactly. Here's a video of the process. was a lot of fun.

What they might look like...


Andrew Glazebrook said...

The work on this looks great !! A mate of mine is actually heading off to New Zealand at the end of the year to work on The Hobbit with WETA Workshop, he worked on The Frighteners for Peter Jackson many years ago.

kamille said...

so what happens after what we see in the above clip? Do they fill it with plaster, making lifeform of the head.. then over that do they put clay ...sculpting the orc? then do you pour some type of latex over that? I wonder if Luke has a particular how-to book he could recommend. I am wanting to help a young aspiring film-maker with his project.