Sunday, 3 May 2009

Working Player Link... on Dailymotion

Our servers died.... ouch! so go to Dailymotion to watch the film directly here:



Oz said...

This was a release disaster.

Both sources for the movie failed.

Release disaster:
--> Only available in flash.
--> And no bittorrents available.

I am forced to download via non-offical bittorrent and then convert the stupid flash file to XVid so I can watch it!

Perhaps there will be other formats available later. But that doesn't help the release now does it?

Still keen to see this. So i will persevere.

Pablo said...

Hi Chris. Maybe you can put a link to Filmaffinity in the website or in Dailymotion's channel. Is a website like IMDB, so maybe the people want to rate the movie and recommend it to other friends. Link:

Stellar Drift said...

I'm somewhat curious about who made this film, what their resources where etc - the "somewhat" means I don't have the time investment handy to read reams of pages to get this info, so is there are a fairly brief compilation of "who,what,where" someplace? For instance I see on the main page there was use of steadycam, that doesn't sound like a fan film to me, that sounds professional.

Chris B said...

Hi Stellar

The 'steadicam' was a home-made style stabiliser that cost about £200. We cut every corner there is.

Oz - Other viewing links will become available next week so hopefully that will help!

Best Fantasy and Science Fiction said...

I must admit I wasnt surprised by the release date "disasters" but am surprised by the content once getting to view the movie! Great job! I admire your committment to the Tolkien style and the original movie style as well. Thank you to everyone involved!

Oz said...

The movie is good.
Actually, It's the best fan film I have seen so far. (Of all geners)
Dialog in the audio was a bit quiet at times though.
Good work indeed.

David Westaway said...

Very impressive adaption of Tolkien's The Hunt for Gollum. The site worked well, with smooth download. I was blown away by the atmosphere, casting and effects which were very reminiscent of Peter Jackson's movies. Congratulations.

Rich Duprey said...

This is a worthy addition to the Lord of the Rings trilogy! As I stumbled across it by happenstance I was excited, impressed, and enthralled by the movie. A terrific effort, but naturally I have one complaint: it's too short!

I was thoroughly engrossed in it and wanted more, more, more!

Thanks for a great film.