Friday, 1 May 2009

Watch the Film... (4pm Sunday)

To watch the film... after 4pm GMT on Sunday 3rd of May (that's probably before midday in the USA of course) direct your browser towards...
(sorry about website problems, go below if so.... - we're trying to fix it!!!!


It will be go live at or around 4pm - and will be released with subtitles in over 7 languages (French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish... and more...)
Have fun, we did. :)
NB: if you're computer can't handle the "HD" version be sure to click "MENU" and then "High Quality" so you still get a reasonably good picture quality.


Xammer said...

Will English subtitles be available? I find it hard to understand films without subtitles - even if they are spoken in my own native language, not just the ones in English.

Alos said...

If you would like some help with the spanish subtitles, I know several people who would gladly help out. They are all professionals in Literature, linguistics. They are all part of the original Tolkien Society here in Mexico.

Nikola said...

Will the film be available for download?

Nikola said...

Congratulations for the excellent film!

If you need subtitles in Bulgarian you can e-mail me at

KP said...

It was awesome, thanks!

Eric Braddock said...

If you didn't catch it at 4pm, is there no chance to view it now??? =\

Oz said...

This was a release disaster.

Both sources for the movie failed.

Release disaster:
--> Only available in flash.
--> And no bittorrents available.

I am forced to download via non-offical bittorrent and then convert the stupid flash file to XVid so I can watch it!

Perhaps there will be other formats available later. But that doesn't help the release now does it?

Still keen to see this. So i will persevere.

The Cube said...

Wow! Enjoyed this thoroughly. Any chance we could get some Hobbit footage? That would make a great next project.

Bluechild said...
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Bluechild said...

The film is wonderful, really great job! Thank you so much for it. Just one question: Will English subtitles be available? It would be very helpful, I can't understand everything. Thanks.