Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The Hunt - Getting warm...

It's been a landmark acheivement to finish filming after all the effort the production crew have put in. Gladys, Brian, Spencer & Julianne - my awesome co-producers have kept this project going through the most amazing trials. (Thanks guys!)

So now finding the time to finish things is the more tricky thing.

When will the film be released?
Well we have been aiming for putting the film online this December. This is almost achieveable but because of delays during filming and the sheer volume of work to be completed in our spare time on editing, music, sound and visual effects I'm going to put the date back a bit. Currently I'm discussing a fixed date with the team which we will announce soon. I might be as early as January or it might be a month or two later, to give time to put some polish on our hard work. Ultimately I won't release it until I'm completely happy.

Anyway that's all for now folks. Thanks to everyone on the production crew who's made this so fun. Now we hand over to the postprod team and enter the final stage of this epic journey...

Just remember... there's nothing quite like hugging a friendly orc...! ;)


Nicolas B. Wulf said...

Take your time !
This is so marvelous a project that we can wait until it's all done (even if it's cruel to wait so long... the trailers are really great and captivating !!! ^_^ )

TwelveMile said...

Rock and roll, Chris!