Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Almost a wrap

It's November now and we're now as good as wrapped. Over a year in the filming, it's sad to think I won't be spending so much time camping out in forests with a bunch of orcs and our amazing crew!

Spencer, Adrian and myself after wrapping the marathon last shoot.

The final few shoots were intense, the very last one included a fight scene at night, which we filmed until 3am before grabbing a couple of hours sleep and embarking on a full day of shooting the next day.

An elf scout makes an appearance on the night shoot

Anyway it's all in the can, Adrian's wrapped and Lewis is editing the latest scenes into place. After staring at a rough cut without a beginning or end, I'll soon be able to see how the movie is flowing as a whole.

A snap rescued from our first shoot in Wales over a year ago

Just as Born of Hope hit the Chicago Tribune and Daily Telegraph, we had a nice bit of press with an interview I did for SFX magazine link.

Orc desktop by Julie Mink


TwelveMile said...

Why isn't January heeeeeere already? Augggghhh!

Great work, Chris! Can't wait!

Jerm said...

Looks nice. I also like the fact that some of the equipment (steady-sled and crane) are DIY :-)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

It all looks like really superb work !!