Sunday, 4 November 2007

Movie Stills - first look

Here's our first batch of imagery taken directly from the footage. These are all real locations in Snowdonia, N Wales.

The production is ready to go into the second phase. We're planning to shoot the remainging scenes in the new year. Currently storyboarding and location hunting.

We're currently looking for talented people to join the team. Particularly looking for costume designers, and production people.

We aim to make this a professional quality, cinematic production and to release online for free download. This project is in no way affiliated with New Line Cinema, Peter Jackson or Tolkien but we thank them. Feel free to get in touch on chrisbouchard1*@*


Judith said...

I saw Kate in Fulda at RingCon and as her movie "Born of Hope" your's looks very promising and I'm looking forward to see more. And I'm eagerly to know how you will do all the Gollum-things.

Chris B said...

Thanks Judith. We have a few tricks up our sleeves for creating Gollum and various other effects which shall remain secret for now. Gollum will be making an appearance and I can say that we won't setting for anything less than excellence in the effects used to bring him back to life.

Tom said...

please visit
some videos wil be coming soon!!
your film looks great...

Glenn said...

This film looks simply amazing! The quality and the vision are of similar standard to the LOTR trilogy, and i can tell you have put your heart into the production. I was wandering when you are planning to release any other trailers, clips or screenshots from the film and how far into production you actually are at this time?

Chris B said...

Hi Glenn,
thanks for your comment. We're just about to finish our TH4G website with lots more info and some new clips/stills.

We're currently about 20% into production, and are currently gearing up for shoots in Jan, March, April, May.

New Retro said...

This is looking great. Can't wait to see the finished piece!

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