Friday 27 July 2012

Screening & Panel at Tolkien Society's Return of the Ring

Catch the film on the big screen at this years Return of the Ring on the 18th and 19th of August, in Loughborough UK. Director Chris Bouchard and actor Adrian Webster will be attending and taking part in the following events:

 Panel on Tolkien Adaptations - 10:45am - Saturday 18th August
A discussion with Martin Barker, Brian Sibley, Kate Madison, Chris Bouchard, Constance G. Wagner, Michal Kára

 Hunt For Gollum Screening & Director Q&A - 10:45am - Sunday 19th August

 info and boooking:

Friday 5 November 2010

Internet Week Screening (London) with Q&A

The Hunt For Gollum is showing as part of Internet Week Europe, with a screening hosted by Framestore next week.

Event Details:

The Hunt For Gollum was released to over 10 million views in May 2009, went viral and won numerous awards including 'Best Fiction Produced for the Web' at Festival Cinema Tous Ecrans (Geneva). Based on previously unseen appendices of The Lord of the Rings, the film is a serious adaptation with high production values which has been embraced by the fans worldwide and compared to Peter Jackson's trilogy, despite the tiny budget and not for profit status.

November 11
06:00 PM — 07:30 PM

19-23 Wells Street
London, -- W1T 3PQ

The director and some of the cast will be on hand to answer questions and introduce the film.

In order to attend this (free) viewing please RSVP to Seats are limited.

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Latest screenings - Comic Con, Gen Con...etc

GenCon Indy (5th-8th August)

Exeter University Tolkien Society (October)

Comic Con France: (July)

Tolkien Day Geldern (Munich)

Friday 28 May 2010

props & masks on ebay

We're getting rid of a few spare props and costumes, bits and bobs on ebay at the moment. They really do take up a LOT of space, so if you fancy owning a real piece of THFG, head on over to the actors at work shop...

This week, the actual Gollum mask worn by Chris Dingli & Matt Cunningham throughout the film is up for grabs here!
Other props & costumes from Hunt for Gollum & Born of Hope are going live there soon.
10% of proceeds will go to Cancer Research UK.

Thursday 20 May 2010

6 million views & Cannes

This week I headed over to the Cannes film festival for a couple of meetings and some sun. Being able to say our microbudget film has been seen by 6 million people certainly raises a few eyebrows in this sell-sell-sell world of feature film marketing. I met up with Tous Co Prod again, a crowdfunding company who are interested in our upcoming feature films. Partnering with them will allow anyone to effectively become 'a producer' in our next film with micro-investments as low as 10 euros. It also allows anybody who invests to follow our production from the inside, as well as receiving a share of profits. A cool new concept.

Also for any german fans, Hunt for Gollum will be screened at Tolkien Day Geldern on the Lower Rhine in Germany on 29th & 30th May.

Tuesday 1 December 2009

Born of Hope is here

at last....!!!!

At 7pm tonight, Born of Hope will be released! In case you didn't know, it's the next LOTR prequel, made by our friends at Actors at Work Productions, this is an even more ambitious epic (unofficial) LOTR prequel over 6 years in the making. It tells of Aragorn's parents, and the Dunedain set 75 years before the events of The Hunt For Gollum.
Director (and actress) Kate Madison.
Quite a few of the THFG team have been involved in BOH, and of course we poached a some of them for our film too. So today is the momentus day we've all been waiting for...
(online at 7pm, 1st Dec....)

Monday 16 November 2009

Spain screening & award

The Hunt For Gollum will be showing at La Cabina in Valencia, Spain on Saturday 12th December around 1pm. Director in attendence - maybe see you there. :)

I also just got back from Geneva, where I was suprised and delighted to win the Reflet D'Or for the "Best Fiction produced for the web" category! This is the 3rd award the film has received. Thanks very much to all the kind people I met at the festival. here's a pic: